When should I post about my case on social media?

Like my last post this is an easy one.

The answer is…

…whenever you are happy for anything you say online to be read and used against you in court.

That’s it. Another huge anticlimax, eh?

Now, you can argue it’s your right to post what you like online about your case. There’s definitely some truth to this. You can talk about complaining to the manager/regulatory authority/your MP about how your right to privacy has been breached.

It doesn’t matter how much you lock your Facebook account down either. Or how careful you are with your friends. Or how complicated your password is.

Truth is…if you publish it, it will be seen somehow. I’ve seen and heard the above a thousand times. I’ve seen and heard people cross examined on their comments.I’ve seen cases swing on a Facebook page or picture.

But none of this will matter on the day, in court, with the other party doing every thing it can to discredit your case and promote it’s own. Because – if you’re in a court concerned with Child Matters only the best interests of the child count. Not your privacy. The other party will often happily take a ticking off from the court too – they’re not going to lose their job, receive a fine or anything like that. But there’s a good chance they may make their client very happy.

You don’t want to waste your time fighting a second battle with people when you should be concerned with one and one alone – the matter in hand. Again. Keep your eye on the ball and don’t get distracted.

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