Trial bundles.

Bundles and paperwork to help you in the Family CourtA `bundle' in practical terms a set of documents containing all documents to be used in a court hearing. In theory bundles are required for all hearings (since changes to Practice Direction in April 2014). However in many situations they are not necessary and we are able to advise when they are appropriate.

It is worth remembering that as as a litigant in person you are not obliged to provide a bundle if the other party is represented or if you are the respondent. In situations like this the other party should consult and advise you of what steps you should take to provide documents.

Sadly, our experience we find for a number of reasons litigants in person often face trials with little or no evidence when the bundles submitted to the court have been prepared by a legally-assisted opposition. Our extensive experience in bundle preparation and advising litigants in person in the days leading up to a trial avoids this potential pitfall.

When a bundle is appropriate  we strongly recommend you produce your own bundles.

With the stakes so high we often advise that regardless of the situation you provide your own bundle. Our bundle preparation service will ensure you arrive in court confident your evidence is used during a trial and is compliant with Practice Direction. Our experience means we are able to assemble bundles (often running into hundreds of pages) and assisting to ensure they are filed in an efficient and timely manner.

We will always tailor our service to your requirements; from giving advice all the way to doing all the work. Contact us for more details and relax!