Our Fees.

Our fees are straightforward. And fixed. Once we have advised you what you will be paying the agreed price is what you pay regardless of anything else.

Court hearings are rarely as short as you may think - there is often a lot of waiting around. To ensure the best possible outcome  our clients need to focus purely on their goals, not watching the clock, worrying that another hour waiting means over another £200 to pay on top of an already large legal bill.


  • 1.) Paperwork, meetings etc: £65 per hour.
  • 2.) Attendance at hearing: Average £350, depending on location and length of hearing.
  • 3.) Bundle preparation, printing and service: £300-£350 depending on size and type of hearing.
  • 4.) Cross examination questions (used to examine witnesses using bundles):  £300-£400 depending on number of witnesses.
As always - we are happy to do as little or much work as you require..