What is a McKenzie Friend?

Our experienced McKenzie Friends can make all the differenceIn short a McKenzie Friend (often abbreviated to `MF' or `MKF') is a legal assistant or layperson.

We are neither solicitors or barristers but we can help you with court proceedings at the fraction of the cost you can expect to pay for one - typically in excess of £200 per hour for a solicitor and £2000 per day for a barrister.

According to `Practice Guidance: McKenzie Friends (Civil and Family Courts)' (essentially court `rules') a McKenzie Friend may `i) provide moral support for litigants; ii) take notes; iii) help with case papers; iv) quietly give advice on any aspect of the conduct of the case' but they may not `i) act as the litigants’ agent in relation to the proceedings; ii) manage litigants’ cases outside court, for example by signing court documents; or iii) address the court, make oral submissions or examine witnesses'.

In practical terms it means we can help you with letters, documents, correspondence with solicitors and anyone else. We can also attend court with you and assist before and during the hearing. Our clients are fully briefed at every stage of the way and their options are explained to them, as is what is going on and what they can do proactively to increase the changes of a successful outcome.

McKenzie Friends are being seen increasingly in legal matters - with our team regularly being commended for their work in court around the country - all the way up to the Royal Courts of Justice.