Who we are

Meet the team.

A McKenzie Friend is ready to help youOur team of McKenzie Friends are passionate about what they do. All of them have a strong background in the civil and family law and are mainly CILEX-qualified paralegals too.

We work around England and Wales in courts ranging from magistrates courts all the way up to the Royal Courts of Justice in London. We are legal assistants – but don’t let that fool you into thinking we are the soft option. We have a strong track record in assisting our clients and an extensive experience and knowledge in most areas of the Family Courts. We are proven negotiators, skilled advisers and effective administrators.

Our passion is achieving good results for our clients. It is for great customer service using technology¬†to get things done quickly and efficiently whilst reassuring the people who come to us and ensuring they are in control of the situation they have sought our help in. It is common for those we work with us to say `I wish I had found you a lot earlier’ or `You have helped me achieve more in the last month than I have done in the last 2 years’ or even `For the first time in a long time I feel hope’.

Our McKenzie Friends

Michaela Wade - McKenzie FriendMichaela Wade deals with Child Matters, Divorce and Financial Settlements. A qualified paralegal with ILEX, she has almost 20 years experience in civil litigation. She has attended hearings in courts at all levels in England and Wales and has been commended by the Court on numerous occasions. She has also had rights of audience in many hearings including in cases heard at the High Court. Her pragmatic approach to problem solving combined with her legal experience makes her a very effective McKenzie Friend. Her forensic approach to financial matters has also benefited her clients on many occasions.

Michaela also provides support in public and private law matters for a Wales-based parenting charity.


Steven Wade - McKenzie FriendSteven Wade specialises in Child Matters and also deals with Divorce and Financial Settlements. Having assisted litigants in court for almost a decade his experience includes a wide range of issues found throughout the the Family Court system and he has a proven experience in anticipating and mitigating the issues that are likely to occur before and during court proceedings. His work as a McKenzie Friend has seen him visit courts throughout England at Wales at all levels for hearings at various stages in cases. He also has considerable experience in negotiating solutions before cases start.

In addition to this he works closely with a large national shared parenting charity assisting families struggling with the practical and legal implications of separation.


Sharon Beauhill - McKenzie FriendSharon Beauhill specialises in Child Matters and also deals with Divorce and Financial Matters. She has been a qualified ILEX Paralegal for nearly 20 years having worked in a commercial law firm for 10 years before specialising in Child Matters.

Sharon has 10 years experience of working directly with children and families. She has a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children & Young People’s services.

She has extensive knowledge within the court settings both as a McKenzie Friend as well as being instructed to provide Independent expert reports in relation to child matters and parenting assessments. This knowledge and experience is passed on to you, providing you with advice and support to achieve positive successful outcomes.

Aside from our McKenzie Friends and our administrator (call 0117 290 0274 or email us at admin@familylawassistance.co.uk) we have additional people we work with who may suit you – people with certain areas of expertise, people in your home area (we do however travel the length and breadth of England and Wales) and a large network of resources to make the process you find yourself in faster, easier, less expensive and more effective.

All you need to do to start the ball rolling is get in touch.

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