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We’re running a prize draw. And to enter all you need to do is fill in the survey below.

Please note – you may have to open this survey in a new window on your device rather than just clicking the link if you’ve arrived here via Facebook!

In our experience the professionals who help people don’t often bother asking them what it is they need or what could be done to help them as much as possible. It’s too easy for the likes of us and our learn’d friends to sit here in our ivory towers (we wish) and tell people what we think they need to know rather than giving them the help they are asking for.

Enter our prize draw and you could win £50!Assisting people in the Family Courts is our passion. As well as our day job, it’s also what we do in our spare time. You’ll find us online giving support on various forums, attending meetings to help litigants and soon we’ll be running a free workshop for them too.

But we want to get it right and to cover as much usual stuff in as short a time as possible. What you really need to hear when you need to hear it.

And let’s be blunt here. We’re offering the prize as an incentive to get as much data as possible to provide the best free workshop we can.

Which is where you come in.

£50 to the winner of our prize draw!We want to make it as easy as possible for people to attend. To be as convenient as possible. As useful as possible. It’s fair to say we’re pretty results-driven here at Family Law Assistance!

So we’d like to ask – will you help with our survey below? If you want to remain anonymous, that’s fine…but if you want to be part of the draw for the prize we’re going to need some way of contacting you! We’re not interested in learning who everyone is – just what help litigants need.

We’ll be deleting all the individual data as soon as we have processed it – we have no need for it; we want to know what times, subjects, etc. suit the most people. We won’t be using the email address of anyone who chooses to submit it for anything other than getting in touch with whoever wins the prize draw either.

The draw for participants will take place at 5pm on Friday, 27th October 2017 and the prize is cash. Completed forms will be accepted after this date though if you want to help us. Please note this survey only applies to people in England & Wales; we know nothing of law in Scotland, Northern Ireland and places outside the UK so we aren’t able to help with workshops there. Yet.

And as for the workshop…watch this space. Like the Cylons, we have a plan but it needs work.

Finally – if you could share this post it’d be greatly appreciated. The more data we get, the better we can provide a great workshop!

Not obligatory but helpful if you wish to participate in the draw!
Again not obligatory but required if you wish to participate in the draw!
This will help us decide where the best place to run a workshop will take place.
This will help us decide where the best place to run a workshop will take place too.
Why not a solicitor or barrister? Why not go alone?
What advice would have helped your case most?
What is the second piece of advice that would have helped you in your case?
What is the third piece of advice that would have helped you in your case?

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