Education and Workshops

Feel scarred by a court case involving divorce, child contact or finance?

Here’s the deal. We’ve helped people represent themselves in court for a decade now. We’ve helped them with the legal argument, paperwork and making sure they know what is going on and are in control of their case.

But the longer we’ve done it the more we’ve realised it’s more than that.

We empower people. We help them reframe how they see the situation they’re in, focus on their goals and take a big picture view not just of their court case – but also their life.

We’re going to teach you how to deal with the mental side of being in court. Whether you use a solicitor or represent yourself you are your own key asset when it comes to an issue that will impact you, your children and your financial future.

It’s £79 for the Early Bird price and after that £99. We’re doing it in Newport in South Wales on Saturday, 13th October.

Learn how to know just how strong you are, how you are control and when the legal dust has settled how to move on to the opportunities of the future.

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