We work in a way that means you always know what you’re paying for upfront meaning you’re not going to face a bill for our assistance that is more than you expected at any point.

Which is why our fees are fixed.

Court hearings often go on for longer than they’re scheduled for. Because this is the case so often, we’ve fixed our fees. So what we say we’re going to charge stays the same no matter what. We don’t want you focusing on what your bill will be – just on getting the best result.

The same is true when it comes to filling in forms, help with paperwork or anything else. We’ll tell you what the fee is, you’ll pay for our assistance and we’ll get it done for you.

That way you’re in charge of what you pay every step of the way.


  • £95 – Ask Me Anything about your case or situation (up to 45 minutes long).

Children Act Applications

  • £200 – Completing any form


  • £250 – Writing a Position Statement
  • £350 – Writing a court-ordered Witness Statement
  • £500 – Constructing a (digital) Practice Direction Compliant Bundle

Remote attendance at children case hearing

All items below include a one hour meeting before the hearing

  • £250 – First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment (FHDRA)
  • £350 – Dispute Resolution Appointment (DRA)
  • £500 – Final Hearing (One Day)
  • £650 – Final Hearing (One Day) & assistance with all preparation
  • £500 – Fact-Finding Hearing (One Day)
  • £700 – Fact-Finding Hearing (One Day) & assistance with all preparation

Remote attendance – Non Molestation and/or Occupation Order Applications

  • £700 – Everything you need to get to a `Without Notice’ (Emergency Hearing) & help in the hearing itself.
  • £250 – Return hearing
  • £650 – Everything you need to get to a One Day hearing & help in the hearing itself.

Remote attendance – Financial Applications

  • £700 – Everything you need to get you to the first remote hearing and assistance at it
  • £500 – Everything you need to be prepared for the second remote hearing and assistance at it


  • £95 – All the help you need to apply for your divorce and all your questions answered

Please note that all of the above include reasonable telephone and email support.

Why Choose Us?

  • 15+ years Experience in the Family Court

  • Qualified Professionals

  • Practical & Pragmatic Advice

  • Specialists in Family Law

  • Affordable Alternative to a Solicitor

  • ICO Certified

  • GDPR (Privacy Policy) Compliant

  • A Tried and Tested System That Works

  • We Know How you Tick

  • We Involve Ourselves in YOUR Story

  • Fixed Fees

  • Assistance at Remote & In Person Hearings

  • Expert Help with Paperwork

  • Fast Turnaround of Work

  • Online Booking System Available 24/7

Ask Me Anything

Our Most Requested Services

We’re here to tell you your options and help you make informed decisions based on our legal knowledge and experience gained over many years.

We’ll help you take the guess work out of it all – and the testimonials from our clients speak for themselves.