How much does a McKenzie friend cost?

McKenzie Friend cost - plain and simpleHow much does a McKenzie Friend cost? Our fees are straightforward.

Give us details of your hearing or what work you need assistance is and we’ll give you a fixed price that won’t change.

We do this to make things as easy as possible for you. Court hearings are rarely as short as you may think – there is often a lot of waiting around. To ensure the best possible outcome we need our clients to focus purely on their goals, not watching the clock, worrying that another hour waiting means over another £250 to pay on top of an already large legal bill.

To enable you to have full control of your costs and what work we do for you it is simple: You tell us how you would like us to assist you, we will advise you what we will charge and you pay us if you would like us to proceed.

All our fees are fully inclusive of travel and there is no additional cost too. The price we quote will be what you pay. No more.


We tailor our rates to meet your requirements and we’ll provide quotes before any work takes place leaving you to choose if you wish to assist you. As a guide however our rates are listed below.

Initial consultation meetings: £50.

Hearings listed for an hour or less: Around £400.

Hearings listed for an hour or more: Around £500.

Any work outside court: Quotes provided on an item-by-item basis. We are able to accept payment by debit and credit card.

Call us on 0117 290 0274 to see what we can do to assist you.

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