Kim Antrobus

Kim is a divorced, remarried mum of four, child from a broken home turned Family Law Advisor.  With a background (and degree) in Law – she really is a force to be reckoned with!

Why Kim?

Through her refreshing approach, Kim helps people to gain the confidence, tools and legal knowledge to represent themselves through the Family Court system so that they can break free from unhealthy relationships, gain financial and emotional freedom from their former partners, and also to protect, develop and nurture their relationships with their children.

Kim’s Background

Kim received a 1st in Family Law (overall 2:1 Law LLB with Hons) and has had a passion for Family Law ever since.  Since 2005, Kim has worked in various legal roles, managing her own caseloads and also supporting heads of departments at a number of established regional law firms, working in both Dispute Resolution and Family Law.  Kim also has first-hand personal experience in family matters, being a child when her parents divorced, having dealt with her own divorce, having a child with that former partner, as well as becoming a stepmum further to her second husband’s child!

After having to leave her employment in 2019 due to having a child with disabilities and additional care needs, Kim set up a successful family-run business – but she missed working in Family Law and helping people through some of the most difficult times in their lives.  Kim met the founders of Family Law Assistance in 2019 and made the decision in 2020 (while 6 months’ pregnant) to undertake their FLA Graduate programme in 2020, joining as a franchisee in 2021.

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Kim Antrobus

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