We like to think we’re pretty unique – we work in a very different way to others in family law. In the 14 years we’ve assisted people we’ve seen the same questions come up over and over…so here they are and here are the answers to them

How do I book a chat with you? Easy! Click the link below, pick when you want to speak, make payment and we’ll do the rest!

Do you offer free consultations? No. Over the years we’ve realised that there isn’t enough time to give the advice people give in a short, introductory conversation. We’ve also found that many people go through numerous free consultations in the hope they can `do it themselves’ – but instead get contradictory and often damaging advice that will only make their situation worse. We offer a `Ask Me Anything’ session, (priced at £95) that gives you the time to tell us everything we need to know to give you good, relevant and useful advice about your situation. You can book your one here!

Do I need to come and meet you for you to help me? Our `Ask Me Anything’ sessions are almost always undertaken by phone or Zoom. Should you require a face to face meeting we are happy to accommodate should you choose to travel to us (or us to you, although that will incur additional costs!)

Do you accept legal aid? No. Only solicitors and barristers can do that. We’re family law specialists.

Can I have a quick chat? As we say above, we offer an `Ask Me Anything’ session that has you covered. We are happy to offer reasonable telephone and email support to existing clients as needed however!

Can I speak to someone today? Yes. Book now by clicking this link or else calling us on 0117 290 0274 for our founders or else one of our family law specialists on their dedicated numbers.

How much will my case cost? This is a `how long is a piece of string?’ question. Two big factors however are a) how much you want us to do (we’ll do as much or as little as you like) and b) how long your case goes on.

How long will my case go on? Another `how long is a piece of string?’ question!

Can you be in hearings with me? Yes! Whether it’s a physical or virtual hearing we can be with you every step of the way.

Can I stop court ordered contact if it’s in the bests interest of the child? Legally, no. But in situations where you have genuine concerns your options include making an emergency application to the courts and getting in touch with the police and/or social services.

Will I get to see my children after the first hearing? Sometimes. That depends on the case but our experience is that without the agreement of the primary carer at a first hearing it’s likely to take a little longer.

Can you represent me? No! Only solicitors or barristers can do that but we can:

Help you with paperwork and forms.

Give you advice `on any aspect of the conduct of the case’.

Take notes.

Provide moral support.

Hope this helps! For anything else…get in touch!

Why Choose Us?

  • 15+ years Experience in the Family Court

  • Qualified Professionals

  • Practical & Pragmatic Advice

  • Specialists in Family Law

  • Affordable Alternative to a Solicitor

  • ICO Certified

  • GDPR (Privacy Policy) Compliant

  • A Tried and Tested System That Works

  • We Know How you Tick

  • We Involve Ourselves in YOUR Story

  • Fixed Fees

  • Assistance at Remote & In Person Hearings

  • Expert Help with Paperwork

  • Fast Turnaround of Work

  • Online Booking System Available 24/7

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