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We have over 15 years of experience in the family court helping men and women deal with divorces, child contact and finance issues. We also have personal experience of the system so we know exactly how it feels.

We’ll tell you how it works – not how it should work. We’ll let you know what your options are, what the law is and what our experience of thousands of cases like yours has taught us to enable you to get the best possible result for the people we help and their children too.

Steven and Michaela Wade founded Family Law Assistance because they saw a better way of navigating the Family Law system. An affordable, flexible way to empower men and women to represent themselves in cases that involve the most important aspect of their lives – their children, their relationships & marriages and a financial footing to enable them to move on with their life. They realised that an expensive solicitor who didn’t see `the big picture’ often caused more problems than they solved.

Over the years they’ve locked heads in court with hostile, aggressive solicitors and dealt with threats and mental sabotage. They’ve stood up for the rights of the father and child, stopped ex-partners from taking their children 300 miles away. And they know how to solve your case both personally and professionally.

Whether it’s child matters, divorce or money issues we’re able to help but the first step depends on you getting in touch

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  • 15+ years Experience in the Family Court

  • Qualified Professionals

  • Practical & Pragmatic Advice

  • Specialists in Family Law

  • Affordable Alternative to a Solicitor

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  • A Tried and Tested System That Works

  • We Know How you Tick

  • We Involve Ourselves in YOUR Story

  • Fixed Fees

  • Assistance at Remote & In Person Hearings

  • Expert Help with Paperwork

  • Fast Turnaround of Work

  • Online Booking System Available 24/7

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We’re here to tell you your options and help you make informed decisions based on our legal knowledge and experience gained over many years.

We’ll help you take the guess work out of it all – and the testimonials from our clients speak for themselves.