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Because we'll help you run your own case. You'll be in charge of your own case whilst benefiting from our legal experience and qualifications. Without a solicitor or barrister. We're `McKenzie Friends' who specialise in assisting people in the Family Court – Child, Divorce and Finance matters.

There are many good reasons you will benefit from our assistance – a broad knowledge and experience of how court and legal professionals deal with Litigants in Person (LiPs), a proven track record of success and satisfied clients, a major cost-saving when compared to our alternatives and empowerment with you firmly in the driving seat of a situation that is important to you!

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What we can do to help you


We’ll help you in all aspects of child contact disputes

We can help in matters concerning child contact, residence, PR, leave to remote, parental alienation, etc. in both public and private law.

We will help you in all aspects of your case – providing assistance in form filling, with paperwork and trial bundles. We’ll be with you at the court too – both before and in the hearing itself. Able to assist you with negotiation, advising you with your options and lettting you know what is going on you’re in safe hands with us!

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Divorce, annulments, decree nisi and absolute. Pre and post nuptial agreements.

We’ll help you with the form filling, paperwork and everything else that needs to be done for divorce to take place.

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We’ll help you deal with achieving a financial settlement with an ex spouse from start to finish.

This help will include making sure you know what records you need, what forms you need to fill in and what paperwork to prepare whether you agree with your ex spouse or not.

Our experience includes assistance at every step of the way in the event of dispute too.

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Just ask! We’ve got experience in assisting unmarried couples resolve finances, helping at children maintenance and employment tribunals, social services conferences and in other situations.

If you’re not sure if we can help, just get in touch!

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