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Our team of McKenzie Friends are passionate about what they do. All of them have a strong background in the civil and family law and are mainly CILEX-qualified paralegals too.

We work around England and Wales in courts ranging from magistrates courts all the way up to the Royal Courts of Justice in London. We are legal assistants – but don’t let that fool you into thinking we are the soft option. We have a strong track record in assisting our clients and an extensive experience and knowledge in most areas of the Family Courts. We are proven negotiators, skilled advisers and effective administrators.

McKenzie Friends

With the stakes so high we often advise that regardless of the above you provide your own bundle. Our bundle preparation service will ensure that you will go to court reassured that your evidence will be before the court and compliant with Practice Direction.

Our experience means we are able to assemble bundles (often running into hundreds of pages) and assisting to ensure they are filed in an efficient and timely manner.As always we will tailor our service to your requirements; from giving advice all the way to doing all the work.


Experts in Civil and Family Law

Michaela Wade

Michaela Wade

Michaela Wade deals with Child Matters, Divorce and Financial Settlements. A qualified paralegal with ILEX, she has almost 20 years experience in civil litigation. She has attended hearings in courts at all levels in England and Wales and has been commended by the Court on numerous occasions. She has also had rights of audience in many hearings including in cases heard at the High Court. Her pragmatic approach to problem solving combined with her legal experience makes her a very effective McKenzie Friend. Her forensic approach to financial matters has also benefited her clients on many occasions.

Michaela also provides support in public and private law matters for a Wales-based parenting charity.

Steven Wade

Steven Wade

Steven Wade specialises in Child Matters and also deals with Divorce and Financial Settlements. Having assisted litigants in court for almost a decade his experience includes a wide range of issues found throughout the the Family Court system and he has a proven experience in anticipating and mitigating the issues that are likely to occur before and during court proceedings. His work as a McKenzie Friend has seen him visit courts throughout England at Wales at all levels for hearings at various stages in cases. He also has considerable experience in negotiating solutions before cases start.

In addition to this he works closely with a large national shared parenting charity assisting families struggling with the practical and legal implications of separation.

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